Diabetic neuropathy

For the next couple of months I’ll be working on a project alongside Natalie Gardiner from Life Sciences, with co-conspirators @neilswainston and @porld. Natalie studies diabetic neuropathy: this debilitating nerve damage affects around half of diabetes patients, and can lead to pain or loss of sensation. The causes of the condition are not well-understood, though elevated blood glucose is known to be a key factor.

Natalie’s lab has amassed comprehensive proteomic and metabolomic data sets from nerve cells in diabetic rats. This is a great opportunity for us to put to work some of the tools we’ve developed in the MCISB. ‘Omics measurements can tell us what changes occur in a disease, but not which of these changes are important to its development; for this we require knowledge of the underlying network organisation. We shall apply our Daaaaave algorithm [1, see also “From genes to fluxes”] to rat-nerve specific derivations of Recon 2 [2, “Hambo” see also “Striking a balance with Recon 2.1”], to derive cell–level behaviour from Natalie’s gene-level data.

Watch this space for news on “Super-Daaaaave” and “Rambo”.


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