In the beginning there was #postaday

The days of heading to your University library to pore over the latest issue of Acta Arithmetica are a thing of the past. It’s a shame, but Generation Z want their research delivered electronically, and they want it delivered immediately. They don’t have the patience for polishing, for peer review, or for paper. For the academic, blogging has a role to play in this new world order, finding a niche in the immediacy:detail spectrum somewhere between twitter (one sentence critiques) and arXiv (unreviewed reports).

I first entered the blogoshpere in 2010. Inspired by gepasi‘s photo-a-day project 365, I embarked on a blogging #postaday challenge. Of course I failed. To write a decent blog post every day, you’d have to be highly imaginative, highly driven, and highly unemployed. I remain none of the above. But I’m back, armed with four years’ material and an 86% less demanding task. Wish me luck!


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