And now for something completely different

{First posted 6 June 2011 at, saved from oblivion by the internet archive}

Answers to Friday’s teaser.

Where on the earth where could you travel one mile south, then one mile east, then one mile north and end up in the same spot you started?

To me, this is a Christmas cracker question to which everyone knows the easy Christmas cracker answer. However there’s another, harder and unexpected answer, and another another even harder answer.

Needless to say, @Xpic found this no trouble at all, tweeting all three answers in order. Which leads me to think that classics graduates may be the cleverest people in the world.

Easy answer and harder answer:

[tweet 76666634667950080 hide_thread=’true’ align=’center’]

Even harder answer:

[tweet 76667104476151808 hide_thread=’true’ align=’center’]


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