facebook thinks I’m Maurice Wilkins

{First posted 5 April 2010 at u003f.com, saved from oblivion by the internet archive}

Doffing a cap to Professor Hull, and I’m on my way.

I suppose it was inevitable that I’d eventually enter the blogosphere; and indeed the twittosphere (shudder). Though in the end it took some na’er-do-well pinching my facebook identity (and facebook central showing a total lack-of-concern for my plight) before I got myself in gear.

The site aims to serve as part blog, part open note­book for my research in Systems Biology. I’ll leave the Big Questions to the policitians, and instead document my day-to-day work at the coal-face. I’ll publish results, ideas and concerns relating to my various research projects; whilst I appreciate that open science doesn’t always work, I hope the site will prove Boring But Beneficial to the community.

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